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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide families the necessary tools to disconnect from their devices and reconnect through outdoor activities that promote family togetherness.

Bridge into the Woods

Nature is the perfect backdrop

Live in the Moment

In the social media era we spend countless hours cropping and filtering photos to create that "perfect image”. We want you to get out there and be a part of what people try so hard to replicate. The blue waters of a flowing river, the multiple shades of green in the forest canopy or the vibrant colors of a field of wildflowers are waiting for you outside.

What We Do

Families have the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities that include camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking, disc golf and more through our "Nominate a Family" program! AFLOAT also has severa, fishing clinics and events we offer throughout the year.  Each outdoor experience not only educates the family, but also provides them with the equipment and tools necessary to repeat this activity.  Our goal is for families to continue to create memories for years to come, fulfilling our vision at AFLOAT!

Support AFLOAT

We operate on the kind giving of people just like you! We appreciate your donations and financial support.


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Michelle M.

“Our family has never been fishing until your event. Not only did we all get our first fish but we have a new family activity that has brought us closer together!” 


Our son came home and told his dad all that he learned in just 1 day!”

Denise R.

“Thanks for all that you do! Our kids had a blast at the learn to fish event!”